Dobinsons Suspension 2" IMS Lift Kit Suits Toyota Hilux GUN Supply Only

  • Brand:Dobinsons Suspension
  • Type:Internal Mono Tube Type
  • Height:50-60mm (2ich
  • Model:Toyota GUN Hilux (2015>)

Dobinsons IMS monotube shock absorbers are designed for next level performance over twin tube shocks in those hot, harsh, demanding conditions. By utilising the monotube design, Dobinsons IMS shock absorbers are able to resist fade far longer on corrugated roads, long or hard working 4WD trips, towing or racing conditions.

Composite piston wear bands, high quality Fuchs oil and a race style 3-stage sealing system offer the lowest levels of friction whilst maintaining durability and longevity without the need for frequent rebuilding or servicing. Dobinsons team of engineers spend hundreds of hours of testing and tuning the shim stacks and damping characteristics in each IMS shock to ensure a balance of comfort, handling, vehicle control and off-road performance.


  • Model Specific IMS Shock Absorbers
  • Lifted 50-60mm (2") Springs Suit Front & Rear of vehicle (CONSTANT FRONT AND REAR OF VEHICLE WEIGHTS TO BE SUPPLIED WHEN ORDERING)
  • Bush and Greaseable Pin/Shackle kit
  • Rear Leaf Spring Ubolt Kit
  • Strut Top Mount Kit

This is everything you need to fit or have fitted a quality suspension kit. You will need a full front end alignment once kit is fitted to re align tyres and to confirm no drive shaft bind or suspension component damage.

We can pre assemble struts for an extra charge to make your DIY kit much simpler to install. This option is required if you do not have the specialty tools to compress springs for assembly. Enquire when making order.


-Fitting available in store upon booking for extra charge

-Wheel alignments available in store upon booking for extra chage

-Specialist equiptment, experience and mechanical knowledge required to fit to vehicle

-Strut assembly available in store and can supply pre assembled struts set to model specific requirements for extra charge

-Higher constant weight springs front or rear maybe be at extra cost