CRD Tuning/Custom Mapping

Years of experience and training enables Everything Autocare partnership with Diesel Wise the ability to unlock the power of your Common Rail Diesel (CRD) vehicle.

Whether it’s an off-road 4X4 or a daily drive, tuning can dramatically change the feel and reliability of your vehicle. The benefits of tuning doesn’t stop at more power.

Other benefits include, smoother delivery of power, better throttle response, increased towing driveability and fuel economy increase. Using specialised electrical equipment, including software, vehicles can be custom mapped either with or without a Dyno. This allows full custom programming suited to each individual vehicle not to be confused with cheap add on chips which can cause incorrect parameters/spikes causing uncontrollable and engine damaging Exhaust Gas Temperatures (EGTs) along with underperformance and frankly a waste of money to the customer.

For best results vehicles are recommended to have a free flowing exhaust system. We have teamed up with AAA Exhaust Systems, who provide high quality pre made free flowing exhaust systems to suit most popular models. They can also custom make any system to required specification.

Most popular models are finding a Torque increase of 50-70%, which puts most OEM clutches on the limit of operation. We can provide a wide variety of clutch kits from Australian Clutch Services and Clutch Pro to upgrade your vehicle to handle whatever you’re pushing out.

Below we have a popular model price list for custom map tuning, but if you don’t find your model on there feel free to call us on (08) 8281 6942 for a free quote.

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